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Automotive Industry Research Center
Songdo TechnoPark, ¡®Serving auto newsletter service¡¯
Songdo TechnoPark, ¡®Constructing integrated information system in auto part industry cluster¡¯
Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association (KAMA) ¡®Serving daily report service about the global automotive industry¡¯
The Federation of Korea Automotive Parts Industry (KAP) ¡®Research and analysis on auto parts industry and construct KAP-database¡¯
Study on change of automotive industry environment and management innovation strategy of auto part companies
Questionnaire survey to auto parts suppliers as to e-manufacturing and innovation activities
Research on main auto parts industry classified by items
Research on auto parts market of plastic injection
Analysis on prospects of demand for diesel engine and related parts market
Study on current status of Korean automotive industry and the possibility for Japanese companies to penetrate Korean auto market
Business Consulting Division
Consultation on BPR of auto parts company (CMT Corp.)
Plan on joint venture between Korean auto parts company and overseas company (H Corp.)
Restructuring & turnaround plan of auto part company (3 Companies)
Consultation on M&A for auto parts company (14 Companies)
Localization strategy of auto parts manufacturing for Malaysian company (W Corp.)
Business restructuring plan for 3 auto parts companies
Plan on mid- and long-term business strategy after M&A
Consultation on debt restructuring for auto parts company
Global business strategy of automakers
Restructuring & Spin-off strategy of supplier
Financial structure rearrangement strategy through purchase of insolvent bonds
Long-term business strategy of venture company
Marketing strategy of new products
M&A of suppliers through purchase of collateral securities